Sunday, 15 July 2007

Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Voice: Podcasts for the Virtual Assistant and the Future Virtual Assistant

Team Double-Click's Virtual Connection podcasts have been a huge success.

Wanda Marie will join us to talk about, "Finding Inner Peace in the Workforce" on July 11, 2007.

In 2001, Wanda Marie joined forces with Yolanda King, eldest daughter of Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and her company, Higher Ground Productions, Inc., as its Executive Director and Chief Coordinator, parlaying her teaching and coaching expertise, past management experience, and legal background, which led Higher Ground Productions in a whole new direction.

Since joining the company, Wanda's leadership has resulted in the development of the "Living Inner Peace" training programs, and the "Inner Peace Circles" network, designed to establish training programs around the world where people teach each other how to lead happier, healthier, more peaceful lives.

Wanda Marie is the author of "Living Inner Peace: A Personal Guide to Greater Happiness," and co-author with Yolanda King on "Embracing Your Power in 30 Days: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Personal Freedom." Wanda maintains a private practice as a Teacher and Life Coach, and continues to serve as a spiritual leader within her community. She is a member of the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT), and sits on the Board of the Women's Center of Los Angeles.

If you wish to learn new skills, log onto

This site has tons of free tutorials for just about any software you can think of and is a great place for beginners or for those with basic skills who need to brush-up.

This site is very helpful if you are working on a writing project and cannot find the perfect word or phrase. This resource site also includes definitions for abbreviations and acronyms.

If the spell checker does not offer the correct spelling or need clarification of a definition, this site includes a dictionary, a thesaurus and an encyclopedia.

If you are working in a financial capacity, or want to expand your financial savvy this financial glossary contains abbreviations and definitions of financial terms.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Money v Happiness

The Beatles sang about the fact that money can't buy you love, but can it buy you happiness? And can you have both?

We talk to two experts about how the power of positive thinking can have an impact on your back pocket.

A positive mindset

Diana Mathew, life counsellor and author of The Money Tree, believes we can all change our behaviour to successfully save. The trick, according to Diana, is giving.

"We all have a very deep conscience about not sharing what we have," Diana said.
"It is therefore very difficult to save money or even enjoy spending it without a guilty conscience."

"Many people have a voice running in their deep subconscious that says, 'If I have lots of money I will have to share it'." To Diana, this belief will keep us poor and not allow us to save.

Diana recommends that you get rid of your guilty conscience. "Give a portion of your money away. This is one way to alleviate the issue."

And, stop feeding the 'I'm broke' consciousness.

"How many times do you tell yourself 'I can't afford it'?" asked Diana. "My mum used to say that 'all rich people are crooks' and that 'money is the root of all evil.' If you have been brought up with similar negative beliefs, it will be nearly impossible to become wealthy."

"Look closely and listen to what you have running in your head. There are many good ways to save money and prevent spending all you earn."

Diana said that if you are saving 'for a rainy day', stop and think about what you are telling yourself. A rainy day is not a positive thing.

Why not think, 'I'm saving for a day of happy celebration'? Instead of saving for your retirement, which most people see as when you are too old to have fun, change it to, "I'm saving for the day when I have lots of time to play," Diana said.

For some of us though, we feel there is never enough money for happy days.

So can money buy you happiness?

Dr. Tim Sharp, one of Australia's leaders in the science of positive psychology, and founder and chief happiness officer of The Happiness Institute, claims that a degree of financial security is important to happiness, but only makes you happy to a point.

"Having your finances in control is important but the ultimate goal is finding true happiness," Dr Sharp said.

"So the question is: what's your return on investment (ROI) for happiness? What are your values and priorities and where are you going to devote your time and energy?"

Research reveals that happier people are clearer on their values. There is greater ROI for example, when engaging in non-work activities such as spending time with family and friends.

"Spending money on material possessions does not lead to enduring happiness, which we all crave," he said.

"Nice things won't make you miserable but these luxuries are short lived.

"For example, we feel good when we buy a new pair of shoes. But after some time, they just become another pair of shoes."

Next time you have an urge to spend and not save, Dr. Sharp recommends that you ask yourself:

* If I spend that money, what is my return in happiness?
* Do I really need this item? For example, my iPod still works and it doesn't really need replacing.
* What is my priority?

"The key is to determine what truly makes you happy and if you make some money along the way, then this is an added bonus," he added.

Diana Mathew is based in Adelaide, and will be speaking at a conference in Sydney in October. To learn more, contact Diana at The Money Tree:

For more information on The Happiness Institute, visit

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

High-Tech Professionals

High-Tech Professionals which was founded in 1996 is known as one of the top staffing and executive search agencies to provide recruiting and staffing services. We provide executive search services in the high-tech field to help companies find talent for their permanent, temporary, and contract positions in the Engineering and Information Technology (IT) sector.

The founder of High-Tech Professionals, Denise Lidell, has been in the high-tech industry for 15 years. She has a B.S. in Computer Science and a Masters in Counseling Psychology with emphasis on Career Development. She began her career as a Software Engineer at Electro Scientific Industries, Inc., and Tektronix, Inc., then transitioned into sales of software tools for software developers. In 1996 Denise established High-Tech Professionals, a recruiting and contract placement agency. Because of this background and experience of several years as a software engineer and knowledge of career transitions, she has a good understanding of the kind of skills her clients are looking for as well as the kind of positions that would be a good career move for skilled professionals. As a result, whenever this firm brings together a qualified candidate to an open position, the result is usually a very good "match".

Our recruiting specialty is for software and hardware engineers, programmers, sales and marketing personnel, management, quality assurance, testers, technical writers and other positions in the high-tech field.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Team Contractor Opportunities

Team Double-ClickSM has on-going opportunities for team contractors in the following areas:

Most frequently asked for by our clients:

* General virtual administrative assistance
* Virtual real estate administrative assistance
* Transaction Management/Transaction Coordination
for our real estate clients
* Telemarketing
* Cold calling
* Virtual receptionist

How we work:
All client contact is funneled through our main office to ensure quality control and timely responses. We are not a freelance opportunity company or a bidding board. We are a virtual staffing agency. Any work you perform on behalf of Team Double-ClickSM will be for one of our clients. Think of us as you would Kelly Temporary Services only virtually.

We don't have a bidding board or job board on our site. When we locate either an on-going or short-term project, we review everyone's resume and other information that you provided to see if you are a fit. If it appears that you are, we will contact you individually to discuss the opportunity.

When you and we have determined that the project will work well for you, you will be given more specifics about the project.

All work that you would perform for Team Double-ClickSM is on a contract basis. We offer no minimum amount of work to any team contractors.

Who we serve:
Our clients range from small to large and are located around the world, some as far away as Saudi Arabia, others right in our own backyard.

Fees to list with our agency:
There are none! Team Double-ClickSM is an independent contractor agency (or virtual staffing agency), working with other team contractors, like you. We make it our job to do the best job possible at securing clients and offering you projects. We are a for-profit company; our profit is made by marking-up your services.

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Tuesday, 29 May 2007


FourPointMoms is a home-based business where you become your own boss, set your own hours and your own pace.

What are you looking for in a home business?

* To set your own hours?
* To have more time with your family?
* To get paid well for your own hard work without any office politics?
* To have an ethical partnership with a supportive network of moms?
* To have a deeper meaning and sense of purpose about your work—like helping the environment? Helping others?
* To have financial peace of mind?

We at FourPointMoms are independent home business owners who have partnered together in mutual respect for the purpose of mentoring others and developing home business leaders.

Core Values

We are proud to represent a company that believes the truth is always good enough.

* We endorse...Safety, quality, and integrity.
* We enjoy...Meaningful, flexible work.
* We promote...Environmental awareness and home safety.
* We offer...A risk-free 120-day trial run of the business.